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Personalised Local Government Belts and Pouches

Personalised Custom Made Belts and Belt Kits are very popular for carrying equipment with local government employees such as parking enforcement officers, environment officers etc.


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Pouches on the belt are the traditional way of carrying equipment such as radios, and a specialist pouch can be made and added to a belt for a computer or printer. Naturally, the belts are robust, strong and water resistant. They are manufactured from tough nylon webbing. There is a strong plastic inner for additional durability, and it prevents the belt from rolling over when a particularly heavy pouch is being used. Options for the personalised belt and pouches are:

The belts are lined with hook and loop fasteners so that pouches can be easily secured.

The belt is also one of the most cost effective, convenient and affordable ways of carrying specialist equipment.

For additional personalisation, the belts and pouches can also carry reflective tape.

A large section of off-the-shelf products are also available

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