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Custom Body Worn Camera and Radio Holders for Security Organisations

Now used by the police but for some time previously used by Security organisations, we manufacture a Body Worn Camera Holder which can be custom designed to your specific requirements if the quantity required is economically viable.


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  • Highest Level of Customisation
  • Design and Manufacture in UK
  • 30 Years Experience
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We can provide the camera holder as part of a harness or even a belt, or as a separate unit in its own right but so far the requirement has been to have the camera sitting centrally in the chest which is best achieved using a harness.

The Custom Body Worn Camera and Radio Holders can be developed to be used for both radio’s and or body-worn cameras/video (BWV) and units have either Klickfast cases or compatible docks. Both the waist straps and the shoulder straps are fully adjustable. Body worn cameras are becoming increasingly popular with security organisations throughout the UK and further afield.

Our harnesses are UK manufactured and have high-grade nylon fittings, with an Airwave dock that is, as mentioned, Klick – fast compatible.

A large section of off-the-shelf products are also available.

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