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Bespoke Security Key Chains

Used particularly in NHS Secure units and in prisons by the prison staff, MC products can create Bespoke Security Key chains by lengthening or shortening the chain, providing a leather belt loop or a regular or leather lanyard.


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Technically the MC products security key chain features a trigger hook that is very robust and spring loaded and each link on the chain is welded for additional strength. Our security chain is, as you would expect, heavy duty and very tough. The length of the overall chain is entirely a matter for our customers, but we just need to make sure that it is economically viable for us to produce it.

A 4mm thick leather belt loop is used to attach the chain to the belt and the loop can be opened and easily attached to your belt with a strong press stud and there is no requirement to remove your existing equipment. There is a 30mm steel split ring included which means attaching keys is easy.

Apart from NHS secure hospitals, and prisons, Bespoke Security Key chains are heavily used in the private security industry too.

A large section of off-the-shelf products are also available.

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