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Custom Foam Inserts

We can manufacture custom foam inserts to enable you to protect valuable equipment that you don’t want to be loose in a case or rigid bag. Typically, IT equipment, testing and monitoring kit and photographic equipment are examples of the type of kit that needs substantial protection from the knocks and bangs that might occur when the case is in transit.


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We will need to discuss the precise contents that need to go into your case before coming up with a bespoke solution. Naturally, we will design and manufacture custom foam inserts that are carefully matched to the product or contents that are going to go into the case. Thought also needs to go into the type of foam that is most suitable for the product that you want to protect. With greater protection, so a different type of foam will be needed.

We can create highly complicated profiles to ensure the best protection, and we can create inserts that will be appropriate for a case of your choice as well as our own cases.

Different coloured foams are available, as is the capability to brand the cases with laser etching.

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