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Custom Bags and Covers

At MC Products, we can design bags and covers from scratch if required, as we have a full in-house design facility that is more than capable of doing just that.

When we do any significant design work like this, the only caveat is that there does need to be a sufficient quantity requirement in order to make the design and manufacturing process economically viable.


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Apart from designing from scratch, we are also able to customise bags and make alterations or re-design a standard bag so that it is more suitable for an organisation’s specific requirements.

Equally, we can take a standard bag or one that we have customised, and we can personalise the bag with particular logo’s, colours or tapes.

Typically bags that we customise and personalise are holdall bags, cool bags which are used in the fields of medicine and catering, and medical bags which might be specialised bags for carrying oxygen cylinders, for example.

Bespoke bags could include additional internal or external pockets, using different materials and colours of materials to create additional storage space. The options are many and dependent on your operational requirements.

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