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Personalised Tabards

Personalised Tabards are useful and sometimes essential in a number of different situations.


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Quite simply, they provide a point of recognition, and as such, they are used in situations where an individual or group of individuals needs to literally stand out from the crowd. So Personalised Tabards are commonplace at football and rugby grounds, at concerts and festivals, and other outdoor and indoor events. The personalisation is important so that roles and job functions are clearly marked on the tabard, whether that is a ‘Steward’, ‘ Security’ or ‘First Aid’, for example. Many tabards come in a high visibility colour, but at MC Products you can customise both the colour and the material of the tabard. Equally, if you want to add pockets for radio’s, phone’s or PDA’s then that will not be a problem. We can also add high-vis reflective tape where required.

Personalisation of tabards for the Emergency services is really important. There is a Gold–Silver–Bronze command structure is used by emergency services of the UK when there is a major incident or disaster. The gold, silver and bronze colours establish a hierarchical framework with gold personnel being Strategic, silver Tactical and bronze are operational personnel.

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